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Welcome to Hof Laig

Hof Laig is a seminar and retreat center located at the foot of the Teutoburg Forest just outside the village of Lienen. The timbered farm house from 1808 is surrounded by a beautiful garden, meadow, fields and forest.

For the past 25 years, we haven been hosting people who come together to learn, relax or work in a personal atmosphere. This may include educational programs, project work and workshops around bodywork, such as dancing, singing, yoga and meditation.

There are 14 bedrooms (single, double, triple) to accommodate a total of 29 guests.
We offer catering with 3 meals daily based on a vegetarian, organic whole food concept, which is highly praised.


The large seminar room

This room of 1076 square feet is located in the main building.
It is the center for a variety of events and can be equipped and seated accordingly.

  • 1076 square feet / 100 square meters

  • High quality sound system

  • Meditation cushions and mattresses

  • Flip chart, white pin boards

  • Chairs available

The small seminar room

This room of 484 square feet is located in the adjoining building and and connected to a small tea kitchen. It is suitable for small group work and individual work.

  • 484 square feet / 45 square meters

  • Tea kitchen

  • Meditation cushions and mattresses

  • Chairs and tables if required

Kitchen & Catering

With fresh, natural, vegetarian food, Hof Laig offers a balanced healthy diet. Our food is cooked gently and prepared according to the rules of whole foods. The ingredients are exclusively organic and also regional and seasonal whenever possible.
We offer our guests a rich breakfast consisting of cereals, nuts and seeds, fruits and yoghurt, wholemeal bread, cheese and spreads.
For lunch there are fresh salads, steam-cooked vegetables, and nutritious wholesome side dishes, rounded off with a delicious dessert. For dinner we usually serve soups, salads, casseroles, vegetable dishes, breads, cheeses and spreads.
During the breaks there is always fresh tea, coffee and snacks abailable.

  • Organic and regional / seasonal food

  • Pure vegetarian food 3 meals and small snacks

  • Osmotic filtered drinking water


We have a total of 29 beds available for our guests. They are distributed in 4 single rooms with a shared bathroom for two people, 5 double rooms and 5 triple rooms. The double and triple rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and can be used as single rooms as well.
Bed linen and towels are included.

Dining area

The dining room and lounge serve as the center of social activities for guests. There is space for about 30-40 people to sit and eat together. Furthermore, we have a small seating area by the fireplace, depending on the size of the group, where you can end the day together.

The garden

Since Hof Laig is surrounded by a rural ornamental and vegetable garden, orchards and a small pond, there is a very special charm and feeling to the place... some would even say some magic!
Various seating spots and an open pavilion invite our guests to eat outside or drink coffee together with the sounds of singing birds and humming bees.

The surrounding

Hof Laig is located at the edge of the village of Lienen (1.5 km). Because the seminar and retreat center is located at the foot of the Teutoburg Forest, a short and pleasant 10 minute walk will bring you to the edge of the forest that is well-suited for long walks. Throughout the year, there are also enjoyable and shorter walks located along fields, meadows and small forests.
The beautiful town of Bad Iburg can be reached by car or bicycle.

How to get there


By train: The next train station is Lengerich, which can reached from Münster and Osnabrück with the regional train within 15-20 minutes. From there you can either take the bus to Lienen or a taxi directly to Hof Laig. It is about 15 minutes away.

By plain: The next airport is Münster/Osnabrück FMO, a 30 minute ride by taxi away. For international flights Düsseldorf DUS is the closest option (2 hours by train).

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Get in touch

For bookings or more information please contact
Frauke Eversmann via email, use the form
or phone +49 176 72548414

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